State of the art

When good gets even better

Since 2003, Dreve Otoplastik GmbH in Unna has been producing earmolds using 3D printing. While the beginnings were challenging, production has been converted to 100 % 3D printing for quite some time now. After 20 years of continuous development, it was time to realign these production lines to bring the benefits of digitalization even closer to our customers.


After the reopening of our earmold lab in 2021, we took a close look at a new and improved digitization strategy. Personnel, hardware and premises were restructured. The special 3D printing resins, which are manufactured in-house in Unna, were refined. The result is a modified system based on digital technology for the production of earmolds that is second to none and can rightly be titled “State of the Art“. Due to modified software processes, more modern 3D printers, new surface strategies, modified resins and lean, structured processes, it was possible to achieve a further significant improvement in the fit of the earmolds through less manual reworking and an optimized TAT throughput time in Unna.

In addition to the earmolds, which can be built in all conceivable shapes, our products in the area of monitoring, hearing and swim protection and the currently focused custom-made shells for ITE hearing aid systems, also benefit from this technological upgrade.

Innovation aus Tradition