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We can make the change!

It is quite natural that Dreve quality products and services of course take the matter of sustainability into account. It continuously influences the optimization and development of our technologies, processes, packaging and innovations.

We have already made significant progress in implementing green strategies. However, we see sustainability as an ongoing process and remain committed to protecting our environment and shaping a more sustainable future.

+  Reducing waste by eliminating unnecessary plastic packaging and replacing it with recyclable paper packaging
+  Photovoltaic system: Efficient use of solar energy and CO2 reduction
Electromobility: Continuous conversion of our company cars and provision of charging stations
Regional suppliers: Collaboration with local suppliers for short distances and lower environmental impact
Sustainable & organic economic growth: Pursuit of an ecological and social growth model with long-term strategies

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Steady improvement: It is part of our philosophy to identify the potential for improvement even for existing products and so make our customers' lives easier. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.