Otoform® A softX boost


25 Shore A

Soft, easy processing and optimal fluidity without pressure.
Optimized for ITE, sensitive ear tissue, CIC and IIC.

Our popular impression material Otoform® A softX is now even faster. The curing process in the ear only takes 90 seconds, clearly indicated by a color shift from green to neon yellow. 

How does it work?

Addition-curing silicones polymerize in a platinum catalyzed hydrosilylation reaction. A pigment that changes it’s chromophoric structure and by this reaction indicates the curing of Otoform® A softX boost in the patient’s ear: the color changes from green to neon yellow. This Colour-Cure Technology makes ear impression taking even easier and safer.

The material of course retains all of its fantastic properties you are already know:

+ BOOST: Instead of 180 only 90 seconds curing time
+ SAFE: Color change from green to neon yellow shows,
that the material has cured
+ PERFECT: For especially deep ear impressions, ITE, CIC and IIC

Due to the short time in the ear suitable for children and sensitive ear tissue
+ EASY TO USE: Very good flow characteristics, easy to apply and absolutely thixotropic
+ COMFORTABLE: Removing the impression from the ear is simple and smooth

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