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Earmolds for ITE


Almost invisible ITE or hearing systems designed as cool earbuds are absolutely trendy. Since quiet a long time they are used for more than just to compensate hearing losses: They are modern hearing aids and multimedia systems in one. Through wireless smartphone pairing they can be used as headphones, for the streaming of calls or favorite music.

For a perfect fit and for the ultimate hearing experience we manufacture for universal ITE hearing systems: The customized Dreve EARsleeve.

•  For an optimal hearing experience
•  Secure hold due to exact fit without slipping
•  Made of hard, soft or thermosensitive material
  Customized, anatomical shape of the earmold
Already available for many of the well-known top-selling hearing systems; more to follow
•  Easy online ordering with SmartOrder

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The earmold


Individualized hearing aid fittings with customized earmolds allow you to exploit the full potential of the hearing system technology.

•  Perfect hold and fit in the ear
•  Volume or gain deviations are absorbed and acoustic feedback is avoided
•  Ultimate hearing result and optimal use of hearing system features thanks to best sealing

Certified safety

Customized hearing protection

Our DLO® portfolio offers hearing protection for a wide range of applications, e.g. at work, for music lovers or frequent flyers. The filter systems reliably attenuate disturbing or harmful noise for a non-critical level. The noise protection effect of our products has been proofed in a type examination by an independent testing laboratory and these are thus approved as PPE.


•  Customized 3D printed earmolds with 100 % geometric matching for a perfect fit in the ear
•  Pleasant noise attenuation
•  Speech intelligibility is maintained
•  Easy insertion and removal
•  Filters with linear and non-linear attenuation for various customer demands
Wide range of colors in 3 construction designs


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