We build

the Xtreme!

FotoTec® Xtreme


Elongation at break


>1500 MPa

Every μm counts

Extreme thin walls possible: 0.2 mm
Comparable breaking strength at half wall thickness!


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What would be the perfect shell material?

„What would be the perfect shell material?“, we asked our customers. Their answer: Ultra thin walls and superior resistancy. So our research and development team took this challenge to heart and developed the optimal formulation in a large-scale screening.

We are proud to introduce FotoTec® Xtreme, a unique resin with superior physical and chemical properties. It is extremely resistant against mechanical stress, UV-light and cosmetics as well as body fluids.  It also stays highly transparent after processing.

Xtremely flexible: FotoTec® Xtreme has a unique position in the world of printable resins due to its mechanical values and properties.Where conventional materials with this stiffness already break under mechanical stress, FotoTec® Xtreme recovers its shape through Shape Recovery.

Left: Standard-Material
Right: FotoTec® Xtreme


FotoTec® Xtreme is not carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction.


Meet the experts

“This was a challenge – but we made it”. We have spent hundreds of hours testing and researching. We are all the more proud to present FotoTec® Xtreme this year. Our experts from the various departments will be happy to provide you with more information. 


Frank Lindner
Head of Product Management



Kerstin Kahlert
Head of Export Sales