The new water-based cleaning fluid FotoClean has
been developed for use in heated ultrasonic cleaning units. FotoClean effectively removes uncured resin from the surface of additively manufactured parts prior to post-curing.

The ready-to-use liquid is, unlike the commonly used isopropanol, non-toxic and non-flammable.


Easy to use... 

... just shake it up! FotoClean can be safely poured into the ultrasonic bath.

  Cleaning of complete platforms possible
  Safe to use, no EX-protection necessary
  Effective and economical

Meet the experts

Cleaning additively manufactured components with isopropanol is often part of the production process chain in the hearing industry. However, the use of IPA has some known drawbacks such as low flash point and potentially harmful properties for users. Our goal was to develop a water-based cleaning fluid that would make the production process safer and more convenient, while still being able to be used more efficiently. 


Frank Lindner
Leiter Produktmanagement


Kerstin Kahlert
Leitung Vertrieb Export